Research Services

Providing benchmarking for the then disparate and growing sector, Nice Insight now offers a wealth of syndicated and custom benchmarking research services across the supply chain; fielding seven annual studies and providing in-depth qualitative and quantitative research for clients; as well as tracking 857 industry players.

Having completed 21 industry sector surveys from 2010 to 2016, and 100 custom market surveys and dozens of expert interviews; and having performed thousands of hours of data analysis and secondary research, as well as gaining from experience from That’s Nice service to many clients since 1995, we have amassed a range of data, validating methodology, global survey process, and industry insights.

Our primary services include:

  • Benchmarking
  • Market Intelligence
  • Library Access


Benchmarking with Nice Insight Annual Studies: 
Deep Dive Customer Awareness and Perception Ratings

That’s Nice / Nice Insight can provide insights to your marketing presence and known service offering based on industry buyer responses to one of our annual market surveys.

CRO Annual Study (Year 6)
+ 124 Profiles (73 Deep Dive)

CDMO – Annual Study (Year 6)
+ 313 Profiles (163 Deep Dive) 

Excipients – Annual Study (Year 2)
+ 39 Profiles (31 Deep Dive)

OEM Equipment – Annual Study (Year 3)
+ 137 Profiles (90 Deep Dive)

Supply Chain Logistics Annual Study (New Year 1)
+ 22 Profiles (22 Deep Dive) 

Pharmaceutical Intermediates Annual Study (New Year 1)
+ 86 Profiles (62 Deep Dive)

Private Equity/Venture Capital Annual Study (New Year 1)
+ 135 Profiles

Benchmarking with Nice Insight Annual Studies – Company Profiles (with Deep Dive Customer Awareness and Perception Ratings)

Market Intelligence (FTE / PTE)

The Market Intelligence team at Nice Insight acts like a full or part-time extension of your own team to research and track global drug pipelines, existing and developing drug progress, FDA and EMA drug approvals as well as your competitive landscape for specific manufacturing services via Medtrak, DataMonitor, and other research and data sources.

Library Access

A range of big data and specialty resources are used by That’s Nice /Nice Insight for tracking drug development, clinical trials, sales trends, revenues, and global markets. You can make our research your own resource with “library access” to our team for your specific data and market research inquiries on a temporary or ad hoc basis.